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For patients with orthopedic, cardiovascular or other various medical conditions, their everyday lives can be impacted by a single medical device. There are a large variety of medical devices, products, and instruments that require specialized design and production in order to provide patients with optimal care and mobility, thereby improving their quality of life. From plates, screws, and other implants to surgical instrumentation used during procedures, all medical products are manufactured using the highest quality machined product materials, the latest machined parts manufacturing equipment, and precision machining techniques.

Precision Manufacturing of Medical Devices and Equipment

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing (QMP) has the machining capabilities to manufacture specialized parts and products for the medical industry. This CNC machine shop in Western Pennsylvania (PA) houses a wide range of CNC Swiss turning machines and high-speed, multi-axis machines that can run high quantities of parts with tight tolerances, perfect for the high demand of specialized medical tools.

Medical device machining requires a stringent quality control process, something that QMP takes very seriously. With a patient’s quality of life at stake, there can be no mistake that the components being manufactured will fit device or procedure specifications, whether for orthopedics, the cardiovascular system, or medical testing. If you’re a medical device or biomedical equipment company located along the east coast and are looking for a local precision machining shop to deliver high quality custom parts, contact QMP today.