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When machined products are needed in critical industries, such as medical, aerospace, and defense, precision manufacturing is needed to produce reliable parts. The nuclear industry is another vital area where strict standards need to be followed in order to guarantee the right part is delivered.
CNC Machining for the Nuclear Industry

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing (QMP) is one precision machine shop with the machining capabilities necessary to produce the highest quality nuclear components. Using the best machined product materials and the most advanced machined parts manufacturing equipment, QMP provides valve components, shafts, bushings, and sleeves needed in various nuclear applications.

Nuclear power generators rely on many parts to convert heat into energy. A complex system of turbines, valves, and pumps work together to generate an energy resource, so all components need to be in working order for the generators to work efficiently. Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing offers precision machining and manufacturing of a variety of essential nuclear parts, and each part QMP delivers is backed by a thorough quality control process to ensure the part is free of defects and designed to exact specifications.

Nuclear power plants are located across the United States, with a majority of stations on the east coast. Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing is a machined products company based in Western Pennsylvania (PA) and serves the greater tri-state area. For power plants in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Maryland (MD) looking for a local CNC machining equipment center, contact QMP for all your precision manufacturing needs.