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The Latest Equipment

Swiss Turn Machines - The Swiss turn multi-axis machines QMP utilizes allows for the manufacturing of complex parts and shafts.

CNC Equipment - QMP uses the latest CNC Equipment on the market to fulfill customer’s needs, even with complex parts and tight tolerances.

Screw Machines - The Davenport Screw machines at QMP are used to run larger volumes of products.

Secondary Equipment - In addition to CNC Lathes and Screw Machines, Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing uses secondary equipment that only adds to their machining capabilities.

The Latest Equipment
Since 1946, Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing has been providing customers with high quality machined parts and superior customer service.

Custom Machining Capabilities

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing Inc. (QMP) is a family owned company that specializes in precision CNC turning and the manufacture of screw machine parts. Since 1946, QMP has been providing customers with high quality machined products on time, at the right price, and with a smile. The custom CNC machining services from QMP are backed with quality control from experienced machinists and advanced inspection equipment to ensure customers only receive the best.






Machined Product Materials and Equipment

Only the best materials are used in the precision machining process at Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing Inc. When manufacturing custom machined parts, QMP uses a variety of high quality metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and bronze, and is also able to provide customers with custom plastic parts to fit their needs.


QMP utilizes the latest in machined parts manufacturing equipment, such as CNC Swiss turn multi-axis machines and CNC lathes. With the kind of CNC equipment QMP uses, they have the capability of production runs from ten to ten million, even when producing complex custom parts with tight tolerances.

Areas and Industries Served

Based in Western Pennsylvania, a majority of customers come from close to home. However, once word started to spread along the east coast of QMP’s competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and excellent customer service for precision manufacturing, customers from the tri-state area took notice. Now, not only does QMP serve the New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), and Maryland (MD) area, but they can ship custom machined parts from their east coast machine shop across the United States and to as far as Mexico.


Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing Inc. has been serving the manufacturing industry for decades. Overtime, their customer base grew to include the medical, mining, and nuclear industry. QMP is also able to fulfill custom machining needs of the military, aerospace, and transportation divisions. Contact QMP to learn how your machining needs can be met.