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Emergency response personnel have a lot to think about in serious situations. Firemen, police men, and paramedics all have certain protocols to follow and specialized equipment to help them perform life-saving techniques. One such piece of equipment is a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The SCBA itself has a number of required components in order to function properly. From the SCBA mask and breathing gas features to the various gages and valves that facilitate operation, all SCBA parts are vital for effective use of the tool.

Precision Machining of SCBA Equipment Parts

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing (QMP) is a CNC machine shop that specializes in precision manufacturing of high quality machined parts for a variety of industries, including health and safety. By using the best materials and advanced machined parts manufacturing equipment, QMP provides health and safety professionals with components for a variety of breathing and oxygen equipment and air quality testing units. The machining capabilities of QMP reach far beyond producing specific SCBA parts. Once a specialized part is manufactured, it undergoes a strict quality control process to ensure the components meet all safety regulations and standards.

With QMP, you get a machined products company that cares about quality and customers. No matter the size of your project, QMP offers competitive pricing and quick delivery from coast to coast. If you’re on the east coast and are looking for a local machine shop, contact QMP’s Western Pennsylvania (PA) location for all your precision manufacturing needs.