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Screw Machines

Screw machine parts are found in many of the products used in our daily lives, from nuts and screws to small intricate parts used in larger assemblies. Screws come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and each has a purpose in assembly or repair. Quality Machine Products and Manufacturing, Inc. (QMP) is a custom precision machining company that uses the latest technology in screw machining to provide customers with the screw parts and products they need.

Screw Machining from QMP

In addition to utilizing the most efficient machined parts manufacturing equipment available, QMP generates screw machine parts and products from the highest quality machined products materials. We have the knowledge and expertise to use a wide variety of materials for screw parts and products, from aluminum and brass to steel alloys, stainless steel, and plastics.

Since screw machine parts are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, many industries can benefit from working with a precision screw machine shop that manufactures these custom parts. Quality Machine Products and Manufacturing, Inc. serves many of these industries, including the military, automotive, and aerospace fields who are looking for a cost-effective solution and custom machining capabilities.

Davenport Screw Machine

Quality Machine Products and Manufacturing, Inc. runs a number of Davenport Screw Machines (7/8" capacity) to make sure customers’ requests are delivered on-time and at the right cost, even for large volume work. These are the most up-to-date machines on the market, and offer high-speed, highly efficient machining for a variety of screw machining operations. By housing multiple Davenport Screw Machines in their Western Pennsylvania (PA) facility, QMP can provide customers with fast delivery that will fit their budget. Express service doesn’t mean you have to forfeit good quality. The complete inspection process at QMP promises quality assurance is still a top priority.