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Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing (QMP) is an east coast CNC machine shop that specializes in custom, precision machining and manufacturing of high quality parts of all shapes, sizes, and specifications. The custom machining capabilities of a company are only as good as the tools they use, and QMP only uses the latest machined parts manufacturing equipment and the highest quality machined product materials available.
Precision Machining of CNC Parts

As a machine products company located in Western Pennsylvania, a majority of QMP clients are along the east coast, from New Jersey to Maryland; however, with a reputation for reliable service with competitive pricing and decades of experience, QMP has expanded operations to accommodate clients from across the country to as far as Mexico.

Precision parts require accurate quality control and so QMP is vigilant with the inspection process of their tools and products, ensuring the machines are up-to-date and functioning properly. Each manufactured part is guaranteed to meet the clients’ specifications. Quality Machine Products and Manufacturing Inc. utilizes a large selection of advanced CNC turning machines at their Pennsylvania (PA) machine shop, including:
  • (2) Nakamura Tome WT 150 Dual Turret 2" Capacity
  • Nakamura Tome NTJ Dual Turret 2.5" Capacity
  • Daewoo Puma 200 TXYY Twin Turn 2 9/16" Capacity
  • Daewoo Puma 230 MSB 2 9/16" Capacity
  • Daewoo Puma 240 MSB 2 9/16" Capacity
  • Hardinge Cobra 42 1 5/8" Capacity (2 Axis Machine)
  • Omni Turns 1" Capacity (2 Axis Machine)

High performance machining equipment combined with high quality materials and excellent customer service allows QMP to not only satisfy customers, but to exceed their expectations.