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Natural Gas

Natural gas is used in a variety of applications, including electricity, heating, cooking, fuel, and manufacturing. Various pieces of equipment are needed to extract the natural gas from the wells and process the gas for commercial use. Components of this natural gas equipment can be produced by machined products companies that specialize in precision manufacturing, such as Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing (QMP) in Western Pennsylvania (PA).
Precision Machining for Natural Gas

The machining capabilities of QMP include producing precision components for gas valves and gas well lubricating systems for the natural gas industry. These components are manufactured from the highest quality machined product materials, using the latest in machined parts manufacturing equipment. Every component QMP manufactures undergoes a strict quality control process to ensure the customer is getting a safe part that fits their needs.

Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing is able to produce high quantities of parts all from their east coast precision manufacturing machine shop in PA. While many QMP customers are from the tri-state area, specialized components can be shipped across the country. If you’re in New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), or Pennsylvania (PA) and are looking for a local CNC machining equipment center, contact QMP today.