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Swiss Turn Machines

As technology advances, companies need to advance with it in order to stay competitive in their market. Quality Machined Products and Manufacturing Inc. (QMP) understands this, and is always searching for the latest machining tools to make their custom precision manufacturing an efficient process for the benefit of the company and the customer.
CNC Swiss Turn Machines at QMP

Each piece of high performance machined parts manufacturing equipment QMP uses needs to maximize production. To do this, there needs to be one machine that can handle tight tolerances with extreme accuracy in one cycle. The CNC Swiss turn multi-axis machines fall into this category.

Not only are the CNC Swiss turn multi-axis machines QMP uses known for providing extreme accuracy even with close tolerances, but the fast cycle times allow for efficient production of a large number of precise machined parts. These machines are capable of manufacturing simple parts in one quick cycle, eliminating the need for more than one machine to finish a part. This feature is perfect for larger production runs of machined parts that are small in diameter.

The following Swiss turning machines can be found at QMP’s precision machine shop in Western Pennsylvania (PA):
  • (2) Tornos Deco 2000 26 mm
  • (2) Tornos Deco 2000 13 mm (13 axis machines with 9/16" Capacity)
  • (2) Citizens L-25 (7 axis machines with 1" Capacity)
  • (2) Tsugami-SS26 machines
  • Tsugami-BO326 32 mm

As with all production runs, QMP uses high quality machined product materials and applies a rigorous quality control process for all parts to ensure they are manufactured correctly. In the ever changing custom machining industry, QMP strives to continually improve their machining capabilities and provide customers with the highest quality product available. With Swiss turn multi axis machines, they’re able to run complex parts and shafts more efficiently, saving everyone time and money.